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T Photos 12

"January to December, a photo to remember"

The Plan... 

A subscription based service where customers will receive a specially selected 4x6 matted photograph right to their doorstep each month. Photographs will be from a variety of categories including; beach, animal, landscape, urban, cityscape, nature, and black and white. Included with the monthly package will be exclusive coupons for more TPhoto's products, as well as free sample greeting cards each month.     


T Photos make fabulous bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, kids room, living room, and den decor.  They work well with table top frames, as well as being hung on walls.  Nightstands and office desks are perfect locations.  They are also the perfect size for smaller apartments and college dorm rooms, adding that inviting touch of art & style.

Use as great gifts for:

*Coworkers, boss, teachers, assistants
*Teens, kids, roommates
*Mother-in-laws, grandparents
*Thank you gifts for anyone
*Goes well w/ gift card or flower/plant